New Website… Again!

Hello folks, It has been a really long time I have penned a post here… I know, I missed you too!! Sometimes you need a kick in the rear-end to get you going, you know the feeling! The kick I received was from my website host, when my web page showed the dreaded ‘Cannot establish connection with the database’ error message on white! Not pretty! And even less pretty, I couldn’t access the backend of my website!! A few days […]

Céad Mile Fáilte

We are back from an amazing trip to Ireland, our head full of greenery and our stomach full of Guinness!! For 2 weeks, we roamed the narrow roads of the South and West side of the country, in search of the ultimate sight (and pub…). We found one of each at every – blind – corner of the road! More than the beautiful landscapes, we discovered a very gracious people, always keen on telling a story (which we couldn’t understand […]

Avedon iPad App

Hey, The Richard Avedon Foundation has released a new iPad application in honour of the late American photographer (you guessed it!) Richard Avedon. Avedon passed away almost 10 years ago, but his iconic portraits are still – and will forever be – a reference in the world of photography. The app itself (designed by the New-York design firm Potion) is very nicely done, in black and white tones, as it should. Its simplicity and clean appearance pays a great ‘homage’ […]

Copa do Mundo

This is it, the World Cup is less than a day away!! Yes, I am speaking about football (or soccer, for a small portion of the world…). Excitement is in the air, and the samba is about to be unleashed!! Have fun!!

Pretty Pink Peonies

I came across some amazingly beautiful peonies this week, and couldn’t resist prolonging their effect… Smell not included!  

Movie Star

I came across a post talking about movie posters and photography. While looking at the poster for the movie ‘Argo’, I noticed a striking resemblance between the portrait of Ben Affleck and a picture I took (before the movie was even out, I must say!). I decided to have fun and create my own movie poster… Thank you Nico! Ghyslain The original movie poster:  

Anode Leakage

You know, this thing you often read in electronics manuals, like “if you’re not going to use the device for an extended period, remove the batteries”… It’s true!! Batteries do leak over time, when not used… If you’re lucky and catch it soon enough, then you’re okay, but it is seeps into the guts of your device, you could be headed to the store for a new one… Two lessons from this adventure: Remove the batteries when you’re not going […]

Blowing Smoke Up Yer Kilt

It was a great evening, a fierce competition of gentlemen (and lady) bar tenders, and my buddy Justin Taylor came out on top, with a decadent cocktail called ‘ Blowing Smoke Up Yer Kilt”!!! The Bittered Sling Bistro competition was a year-long event, for which contestants had to pair cocktails with meals, and the best 6 were selected for the season finale at UVA Wine Bar, on November 24th, 2013. All contestant brought their A game, but there could only […]