About Me

Hello folks,

This website is about my love of photography, nothing else! My only goal is to portrait people, things and places in the best possible way, and make something nice become extraordinary! If I achieve that every single day of my life, I am a happy man!!

I spend a lot of  time reading magazines and on the internet, looking for inspiration and talent! I have to confess, I don’t really *read* magazines, I mostly look at pictures… I can read, don’t get me wrong, but like someone said, a picture is worth a thousand words! I just save myself some time this way…

When I say I love photography, I do mean it: I’m always on the lookout for beautiful pictures, and when I find them, it encourages me to keep shooting and get better, because every day of my life is about becoming a better person (and a better photographer!).

What I specialize in is still not clear to me… I guess I specialize is ‘awesomeness’! Whatever the subject is, I will put the same amount of effort to document it, and then make it better! Whether it is a tomato on a cutting board,  a deer in the morning mist, an old man winking at me, a baby-girl with her eyes wide open or a bride kissing her husband for the first time, I take the same amount of pleasure in the process! The end result is the ultimate prize, but the road to get there is filled with fun and joy!

I embrace the challenges clients bring to me. Life is all about overcoming challenges, photographic or not. The greater the challenges, the greater the pride you have in overcoming them! So, bring it on!! I can’t promise I won’t make mistakes, but I sure can promise I will give it all I have!!

Please look at my work, post a comment, send an e-mail, and let me know you like what you see.

Thank you.